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What type of data cable?

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1. Classification by function: Internet cable, flashing cable, sync cable, charging cable, multi-function cable

Internet line: can only be used for GPRS or CDMA 1X Internet access.

Brush line: can only be used to upgrade the brush.

Synchronization line: It is used to transmit phone book, picture ringtone, short message, multimedia data, etc. There are two-way transmission and one-way transmission, which are more common.

Charging cable: Generally it is an internet cable or a synchronous cable plus a USB charging function, which can be subdivided into two types with charging and with charging switch.

Multi-function line: support 2 or more functions of internet access, synchronization, flashing, charging etc. at the same time.

2. Classification from manufacturers: original factory, domestic brand, domestic unlicensed

Original factory

It is directly produced by the mobile phone manufacturer, or provides materials to be commissioned by a manufacturer, and the brand of the mobile phone is marked on it. The quality is the best and the price is the most expensive.

Domestic brand

The data cable has its own brand. In addition, the manufacturer's address and telephone are printed on the packaging. It is more formal, good quality, low price, not much.

Domestic unlicensed

No logo manufacturers and brands. Divided into 2 categories, the first is the professional export data line, the quality is very passable, the price is still lower than the domestic brand line, the highest cost performance; the second is the miscellaneous brand line, the price is very low, and the quality is very poor.

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