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China Has USB-IF Certified High Current Chip For The First Time

Date:2018-05-08 Author: Hit count:2093

At present, the USB PD fast charging protocol has been widely used in the products of first-line brands such as Apple, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, and Samsung. According to the news, the next generation of iPhone will be equipped with a USB PD charger as standard, and this will once again promote the rapid development of the entire USB PD fast charging industry.

Compared with other fast charging protocols, the USB PD fast charging protocol is characterized by its ability to transmit up to 20V/5A and 100W. It is not only suitable for low-power mobile phones, tablets, etc., but also widely used in high-power. Laptops and other equipment.

USB PD fast charging popularity: China has USB-IF certified high current chip for the first time

With the popularity of USB PD fast charging technology, the importance of cables as a medium for power transmission between devices has become increasingly prominent.

Especially in the working condition of high voltage and high current, not only the material and wire diameter of the wire are required, but also the E-Marker chip certified by the USB-IF Association is required. The cable with the E-Marker chip can support up to 5A. Current, cables without E-Marker chips can only support up to 3A.

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